Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kevin Federline and Popozao

Following Numa Numa and Star Wars Kid’s footsteps, Britney Spears’ personal douche assistant, Kevin Federline, has became the latest webtard with a video featuring him jamming with “Popozao”.

Federline claims that “popozao” is a “Brazilian ass shaker” in the video.

However in Mandarin Chinese, “po po” (婆婆) means “old lady” or “mother-in-law”, and “zao” () means “in a mess”.

Update 1: James Lipton recites "Popozao" on Conan O'Brien's show.

Update 2: Popozao remixed with Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Update 3: I have remixed K-Fed's "popozao" with "numa numa".

Update 4: G4TV's "popozao" spoof called "Cottage Cheese Thighs".

Potential Juror #2

Monday Jan. 23, 2006 at 3:30pm, I was finally released from Maricopa Superior Court in downtown Phoenix after spending seven hours there as a potential juror candidate. Unlike many my fellow American citizens, I was actually looking forward in participating as a part of our judicial system.

Aside from the $500 penalty threat printed on the back of jury summon notification; I was suckered in by the “free parking is available at 5th Ave. and Jackson St. Courtesy telephones, laptop ports, computer terminals, wireless internet, magazines and movies are available.”

Trial Juror Information

At 8:30am, I showed up at the court building, went through security search, and waited among with several hundred other potential jurors. The desk clerk passed out verification forms for everyone to fill. The forms are consisted of three copies, color coded with white, pink and yellow. The white copy returns back to the desk clerk. The rest two colored forms will be collected by the court’s bailiff.

Two hours later, my name was called and so were 59 others. We are group 7. A female bailiff led us to the 9th floor via elevator. Out of 60 people, I counted 26 female. Including myself there are five minority people. One black lady in her early 20’s, one South Asian young lady, two Hispanics in their early 30’s and the rest are Caucasian range from mid 20’s to mid 60’s.

The first task the bailiff had us to do was separate our pink and yellow forms into two piles. She then assigned us with numbered badges instead of using our names. As I watched, many people can’t complete the simple task of separating their color-coded forms into two piles. Also they would either forget to give the forms to the bailiff and pick up the badges, and the other would do the opposite.

I was potential juror #2.

After court’s assistant swear us in under oath with “so help me god” (kind of ironic, since I am not a god-believer), the judge started the juror selection process by giving us some background information about the case.

The defendant “Jose” is accused of “assault with intention to kill.” Apparently in early 2002, “Jose” was unhappy with “Francisco” and stabbed him several times with a knife in Phoenix.

About 23 people raised their hands after judge asked if there will be a scheduling conflict if one is selected as a juror. Most of responses were “financial difficulties”, one lady, a nurse at a local hospital claimed that she has already scheduled for a vacation, another person said he would want to spend time with his child, which him and his ex-wife share joined custody with.

Contrary to the movie “Runaway Jury”, the lunch was not provided by the judge, I had to dig money out of my own pocket.

After lunch, the remaining 37 potential jurors including myself were escorted by into the court room. Questions presented in the second stage of juror selection are more personally related. I raised my badge when judge asked if there is anyone knows someone as a victim of a crime and that would change one’s view about justice system.

Several months ago, one of my friends was assaulted in a movie theatre by two off-duty police officers. The police officers arrived on the scene would rather take the off-duty police officers statement than other witness’.

My answer has then land me in the third stage of juror selection.

As of right then, I felt as if I was on some reality competition show, except my prize will not come in form of financial gain, nor fame, instead I will be able to send a man to jail or let him go free. (Fox TV, email me if you are interested in the “American Juror” idea)

Another interesting questions judge asked was: “Is there anyone here will be morally biased based on the fact that both the victim and the accused were once romantically involved?”

A Gay Hispanic domestic crime?!

I was very surprised that only one person raised her badge. What a bunch of closet bigots! After all this is Arizona, we are not known for our tolerance.

In the third stage, each potential juror was interviewed privately only with the judge and both plaintiff and defendant attorneys. The defense attorney wanted to keep me as a juror for the case after I told the court I would not trust someone’s statement over a civilian just because he/she may have a blue-uniform on. Instead, I would be more skeptical at all parties’ statements.

The plaintiff’s attorney objected.

In the end, a nine-member jury panel was selected. One mid-20’s white male, one early-20’s black female, the rest are middle aged White women.

As I was walking out the court room, I looked at the jury panel and the defendant “Jose”. Two thoughts came to my mind:

1. How can one man’s life be place in the hands of nine strangers, whom most of them can’t even follow the simple instruction of separate color-coded forms?

2. He probably will be found guilty. Since this is Arizona, instead of “Bubba”, his cellmate will most likely be “Sanchez”, and Sanchez is indeed dirty.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Porsche Can't Park


I wish I had some of these "Urban Asshole Notification" cards handy when I needed them. Inconsiderate Porsche owner decides to take up two parking spaces so no one would bump into his vehicle.

What a douche bag.

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Update: Double Spaced Honda Accord

Double Spaced Honda Accord

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tiananmen Renovation Sign

Tian An Men - Renovation Sign

Dr. David Klahr of Carnegie Mellon University sent me this amusing renovation sign he found near Tiananmen, Beijing, China. The reflection from laminated plastic sign in the photo shows Tiananmen building.

Update 1: Julie Deloach emailed me another photo from the same renovation area in March 2005.

Safety Helmct

Update 2: Daniel Schmidt emailed me these two from Beijing, China. Summer of 2005.

Caution Safety Please

No Stay

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bible Warning Label

Bible Warning Label
(full size)

Andras forwarded this photo to me before my travel in last December.

Everyone has his/her own opinion about religion, thus I personally think it is a waste of time for one to accuse other as either being "wrong", "unsaved", or "going to hell".

Faith is something should be dealt within oneself and whatever one chose to worship and follow, rather than press upon others.

Sphinx with Tits

Sphinx with Tits 2002

A sphinx-like statue outside of De Young Museum in San Francisco. It is also interesting to see the sphinx has breasts and erected nipples. It was in December and cold.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Found Note

I found this piece of paper yesterday. One side is titled “Why?” and the other is “I Still Care”. It was not written directed to me. From the handwriting, I would guess it was written by a girl, perhaps a middle school student.

Found Note -

Found Note -

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Civil Rights Hero

Civil Rights Hero
larger view

Flyers by National Vanguard have been posted around Arizona State University's main campus in Tempe, Arizona.

National Vanguard is a known white separatist organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The group denies it is a white supremacist organization, and instead claims to be white separatist. NV Spokeperson, Kevin Alfred Strom stated:

"...we are not white supremacists. Supremacists are people who want their race to rule over others in a multiracial society, like the Jews do in Palestine and Israel. We want freedom and self-determination for our people, in our own country. We don't want to rule over others. We're the opposite of supremacists."

In 2005, National Vanguard showcased the pop-music duo Prussian Blue, made up of thirteen-year-old twin sisters from Bakersfield, California, Lynx and Lamb Gaede, who the organization hoped would "be breaking new ground...creating an entire genre of pro-White music" that will cross over to mainstream audiences.

Monday, January 9, 2006

Moldy Coffee Pot

I forgot to empty my coffee pot before my trip in last December.

Here are some photos of different types of mold growing in the pot for three weeks.

moldy coffee pot 2281

moldy coffee pot 2280

moldy coffee pot 2278

moldy coffee pot 2276

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Are You Really "In"?

After two years, I have finally ended my mobile phone contract with carrier Sprint Wireless at the end of last November. There were several reasons that made me decide to stop my continuation with Sprint. One of them was its poor wireless signal coverage. I was unable to make calls freely at my office or at home. In order to do so, I had to walk outside of my office building to make and receive calls.

On November 26th, I signed a 2-year contract with Verizon Wireless after many of my friends and colleagues recommended it to me. Comparing Verizon with my old mobile phone carrier Sprint, I have noticed the improvement instantly. I am able to make calls anywhere and the signal strength was always strong, especially during the 3-weeks I was traveling through Oregon and California in last December.

When I received my contract confirmation with Verizon via mail, I read though the entire thing. Besides the regular services, I have also added text messaging and web services. Under “Feature Description” on my contract, it states “Unl In Msg/50 Camera” is $5.00 per month.


Since there was no special note placed next to the feature, I assumed “Unl In Msg/50 Camera” meant “Unlimited Incoming Messages plus 50 outgoing message including pictures”. There was also nothing mentioned about text messages in the section titled “Additional Fees Surcharges and taxes” below.

A month passes by; I received my first bill from Verzion. I had a total of 443 text messages. All of them were charged $0.10 per message after the first 50.


Concerned about the over-charge, I first went to a Verizon store in Chandler.

When I presented my case to the young lady at the counter, she informed me that there is nothing she can do about the billing error and I had to call Verizon’s customer services with *611 on my mobile phone.

So I called.

The woman on the phone told me that “Unl In Msg” on my contract meant “Unlimited In-network Messages” from fellow Verizon subscribers.

I felt as if I was standing in a Starbucks ordering a large sized coffee and the store employee insists on me calling it “venti” size.

I tried to reason with the woman to see if she could waive the fees, especially it was not stated explicitly on the contract regarding the terminology used by Verizon. She said the best she can do is credit half of the charge back into my account.

I felt better, but not entirely satisfied.

Later that day, I went to a different Verizon store in Mesa. Once again I presented my case to the customer representative, and this time I brought my contract along to prove my point. Mr. Ceniceros was very helpful and sided with me on my case. He also credited the entire amount of the over-charge back into my account.


I hope Verizon will choose clearer wording in their contracts with future customers, and perhaps credit all over-charges back to their customers’ accounts in similar situation. Otherwise, multi-state class-action lawsuits will be knocking on their doors.

Are you really “In”?

Friday, January 6, 2006

5510 miles to Great Wall of China

5510 miles to Great Wall of China 1627

"I would walk 5,000 miles and I would walk 500 more" to the Great Wall of China, and the last 10 miles will be in the rickshaw.

Downtown Portland, Oregon.

Hung Far Low

Hung Far Low 1550

The most iconic building in Portland, Oregon's old Chinatown.

Pranksters have blacked out "tail" of "cocktail", the only question left is:

"Is your cock hung far low?"

Like San Francisco, there are two Chinatowns in Portland. The old Chinatown are mostly Cantonese speakers, the streets are narrow and dirty. The new Chinatown have more Mandarin speakers, and it is more organized.

Portland's new Chinatown is located on the East Side.


Hobo's 1563

I am curious about what kind of dress code this place has.

Downtown Portland, Oregon.


What Would A Pirate Do 1588

"What would a pirate do?"

Powell Bookstore, Portland, Oregon.

Shark Fins in Jars

Shark Fins 1995

I saw these glass jars containing dried shark fins in a Chinese medicine shop in San Francisco's new Chinatown.

The shop lady was not very happy with me taking photos.

The new Chinatown is located north of Golden Gate Park along Clement Street. The New Chinatown's people are mostly Mandarin speakers and the streets are cleaner.

Old Chinatown is located SW of the Piers.

Penis Shaped Doorway

Penis shaped Doorway 2187

During my travel in last December, I saw this penis shaped doorway in San Francisco's old Chinatown.

Surprisely, it is not a sex shop!

The old Chinatown are mostly Cantonese speakers, and it is located along Grant street near downtown San Francisco. The new Chinatown is north of Golden Gate Park along Clement street, and there are more Mandarin speakers there.