Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tiananmen Renovation Sign

Tian An Men - Renovation Sign

Dr. David Klahr of Carnegie Mellon University sent me this amusing renovation sign he found near Tiananmen, Beijing, China. The reflection from laminated plastic sign in the photo shows Tiananmen building.

Update 1: Julie Deloach emailed me another photo from the same renovation area in March 2005.

Safety Helmct

Update 2: Daniel Schmidt emailed me these two from Beijing, China. Summer of 2005.

Caution Safety Please

No Stay


  1. Man, that's good.

    A friend sent me this sign from Japan:


    It's too good to be true. It's funny and oddly chilling at the same time...

  2. There is something i don't understand though, maybe it's because my chinese is rusty.

    the construction sign looks like it's actually been translated literally, word for word.

    "Old Buiding (under) renovation. To you has brought inconvenience please excuse (us)"

    does that look grammtically correct?