Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HOWTO: Samsung SCH-u740 Contacts Backup

In the past I have written about how to unlock Samsung SCH-u700 (Gleam) and SCH-u740 (Alias) to load ringtones into them. Recently I was contacted by reader Matt M. regarding how to backup contacts from Samsung SCH-u740.

Verizon Wireless's Backup Assistant is charging customers $1.99 plus tax per month to have the ability to backup their contacts. That is approximately $50 they are fleecing off from each customer after a two-year contract.

As of right now, Bitpim 1.0.6 has yet support contacts transfer for Samsung SCH-u740 (as least when I tried it).

However, Samsung has a handy little tool called Samsung Contacts Copier, which its only purpose is to backup mobile phone's contacts. It is absolutely free and works with most Samsung mobile phones.

The version I used is

The Backup option transfers all contacts from a Samsung mobile phone to a .pbo file (phonebook data file), which can be opened with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

The Restore function has the ability to let user to choose which contacts to be transfered back into the mobile phone:

It takes a few minutes to backup all your contacts and save yourself $50.