Monday, August 22, 2005

The Great Wall of China Sake Bar

Dear Old Navy,

Regarding the Men's "China Sake" tee (style #313917), I would like to point out that although the Great Wall is indeed in China, but sake is a type of JAPANESE rice wine. I would highly doubt any Japanese sake company would use the Great Wall of CHINA to market their products.

Please hire some qualified cultural consultants before pumping out more of these meaningless junk into American market.



tiangotlost at gmail dot com

Update: Apparently everyone at Old Navy has missed the memo about

Asian men + black mask + Ninja Star = Ninjas (practice Ninjutsu, not Karate)

Where is
Lumbergh when I needed him?!

Kum and Go

It would be a great name for a sperm bank.

Mexican Inca

(photo was taken in Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

The Inca Empire is in modern day Peru, not Mexico. The Aztecs were in Mexico. The logo looks more Mayan than Aztecan or Incan.

The best part about the travel deals to Mexico are the remnants of the Incas and the Aztecs, from where the concept of apartments originated. Having vacations there is absolutely fantastic. The place is loaded with restaurants, golf clubs etc.