Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kill the Dwarf, Twice

In most American cities, there are always two distinctively different shopping malls. One is for White customers and the other for Blacks.

Similar to shopping malls, movies are also made especially catering to the taste of different ethnicity. (I for one never understood why Tyler Perry is so popular among the Black community.)

In 2007, Frank Oz directed an English comedy film called Death at a Funeral.

The same plot is then used in two additional movies:

Dwarf had a homosexual fling with deceased arrives at funeral to blackmail rest of the family, he gets accidental killed and dumped in casket, and problem solved.

Daddy Cool (Indian version) was made in 2009

Death at a Funeral (Black version) made in 2010:

where Peter Dinklage plays the same dwarf in both Black and White versions.

Monday, February 15, 2010

FarmVille Crop Chart Updated up to Level 36

I have updated my FarmVille Crop Chart with crops accessible up to level 36. The optimal crops separated by harvest time are:

Ghost Chili
Sugar Cane
Green Tea
Red Wheat
Water Melon

Update: There is no additional crop after level 36. The latest is Asparagus.