Saturday, August 15, 2009

2x Telephoto Lens from Digital Concepts is Horrible

If you are ever tempted to purchase a 2x Telephoto lens as an add-on to Canon Powershot S5 IS, then don't get the one from Digital Concepts. Better yet, save up money and get one from Canon.

Recently I was browsing through and looking for telephoto lens for my Canon Powershot S5 IS. One particular from Digital Concepts was for sale via D B Roth for $24.99 plus shipping cost. Meanwhile, Canon TC-DC58B lens is $103.96.

After I received the lens from D. B. Roth, the test shot result with new lens was horrible.

In this shot above, without using the new lens, fiber from background's fabric is uniform and in focus through out the photo.

With the new lens addition, only center part of the photo is in focus and outer area is very blurry. It gets worse as further away from the center.

Update: The quality of this lens is so bad that the seller, D B Roth, has refund my money in full without even wanting it back!

from: DB Roth (
to: Tian
date: Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 1:45 PM
subjectRe: Return Request / Amazon Order # 002-4431303-xxxxxxx

Dear Customer,

We are sorry to hear about this issue. Please discard of the item as we have now issued a full refund back to your account.

Kind regards