Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Julian Morrow Reports

Julian Morrow is an Australian comedian, part of a satirical television comedy series Chaser’s War on Everything.

Before Chaser’s War on Everything, it was called CNNNN or "Chaser NoN-stop News Network", which satirized American news channels CNN and Fox News.

video: 20.8 MB windows media

In this segment, Julian travels through US trying to discredit the stereotype of “Americans are stupid, knowing nothing about the world”.

However, the spliced video clip proved otherwise.

American comedian Jay Leno also has similar segment on his show called “Jaywalking”.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Toilet Paper From Sulfur Island

I find this poster for Clint Eastwood's latest film "Letters from Iwo Jima" very amusing. Obviously the title is written in Japanese given the hiragana in the middle, however...

Poster - Letters From Iwo Jima

, or Iwo Jima, means "Sulfur Island".
means "mail/letter" in Japanese. However, it means "toilet paper" in Chinese.

I sincerely hope the marketing people for this film would take this tip into consideration.

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Vacation in Austria

I spent the entire last month vacationing in Austria. I mostly traveling through Upper Austria between Vienna and Salzburg. The following are some photos I took during my travel.

The border between Germany and Austria is wide open. There are no border guards, except a small sign telling you that you are entering another country.

German border sign

Ober-Osterreich, or Upper Austria

For 6.99 Euros, young boys in Austria can practice safe shaving with this kit:

Safe Shave 2

Safe Shave 1

I saw these Skinhead and Neo-Nazi graffiti scribbled on a couple of park benches near Germany-Austria border:

Skinhead and Neo-Nazi Graffiti

Skinhead Graffiti

The trip to Austria is not complete without visiting the Town of Fucking, and it is fucking beautiful:

Fucking, Austria

View of Fucking, Austria

View of Fucking, Austria

View of Fucking, Austria

and Oberfucking, or Upper-Fucking:

Oberfucking, Austria

The word "Schmuck" means "jewelry" in German, "idiot" in American slang, and "foreskin" in Yiddish. Thus, I always laugh when I see a "schmuck" shop sign.

Schmuck Shop

If you thought the Japanese had some strange ingredients on their pizzas, but Austrian are not too far behind with their creations:

Corn Only
Corn Pizza

Corn and Ham
Corn & Ham Pizza

Tuna fish and Onion
Tuna & Onion Pizza

Teletubbies, or Telechubbies, are selling mobile phones

Teletubbies selling mobile phones

Teletubbies selling mobile phones

Dildo accessory for Apple iPod for those who really wanted the full experience. (This product was featured in Gizmodo)

iPod Dildo

iPod Dildo


These two gargoyles looked like they were talking on mobile phones:

Mobile Phone Gargoyle

Police talking to fur protesters near Stephenplatz in Vienna. Normal people can't afford fur, and rich people don't really care about the cruel extraction process, thus the protest is pointless.

Fur Protesters in Vienna

more of them in Salzburg:

Kleider Bauer Fur Protesters

"Arian" and "Aryan" are just one letter difference, however they sound the same on the phone. I am curious if Hotel Arian get any foreign visitors, or they just assume it is "Whites-Only".

Hotel Arian

The Japanese restaurant's sign literally says "Sushi, Tattoo, Fresh fish". ( means "sashimi" in Japanese and "tattoo" in Chinese.)

Sushi, Tattoo, Fresh Fish

At the Salzburg Fortress' Torture Museum, my personal favorite of all torture instruments is the Pear of Anguish.

The Pear

It is inserted into a person's vaginal, anal, or oral cavity. As the key slowly turns, four blades would expand outward.

Mask of Humiliation
Mask of Humiliation

Finger Clamps
Finger Clamps

The Ol' Spiky, aka. Chastity Belt. I love the heart-shaped anal hole.
Chastity Belt

Scenes of Torture
Scenes of Torture

The sculpture is titled "Cloth of Peace", but to me, it looked like Anubis from Stargate SG-1.

Cloth of Peace