Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Porsche Can't Park


I wish I had some of these "Urban Asshole Notification" cards handy when I needed them. Inconsiderate Porsche owner decides to take up two parking spaces so no one would bump into his vehicle.

What a douche bag.

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Update: Double Spaced Honda Accord

Double Spaced Honda Accord


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  2. Just to get back on topic. Back when I used to take public tranportation to school I would find many of these assholes in the parking lot for the Rapid Transit. I used to plant the biggest, greenest loogie I could hawk up on their windshields. Very satisfying.

  3. Mr. Tian,

    You should get some of these stickers, but glue them on with industrial strength stuff (or krazee glue)



  4. I have the same car as that Honda Accord. I love my car, but it's eight years old, and it's no Porsche!

  5. Some friends of mine and I used to take care of it this way:
    Back in the days of hanging out at the mall, we would take at least two cars, and they would each have several of us in them. WHen we got to the mall, we would intentionally search out the jerks that parked like this. We'd all pile out of our cars, surround the car in question, take a deep breath and LIFT the front of the car over into the space, rest, take a breath, and LIFT the backend of the car into the space. The drivers would then get back in their cars and park as close as humanly possible to the jerk's car to that there was no way he/she could get into their own car without scratching/bumping their door paint. We had VERY old, beat-up cars, so we really didn't care even if they guy keyed us later. We'd just grab a can of Krylon and touch up our "fine" paint job again
    Ah, I miss the good old days!