Friday, January 6, 2006

Shark Fins in Jars

Shark Fins 1995

I saw these glass jars containing dried shark fins in a Chinese medicine shop in San Francisco's new Chinatown.

The shop lady was not very happy with me taking photos.

The new Chinatown is located north of Golden Gate Park along Clement Street. The New Chinatown's people are mostly Mandarin speakers and the streets are cleaner.

Old Chinatown is located SW of the Piers.


  1. Yeah, the "Old Chinatown" you are referring to is the "Touristy" Chinatown, catering to all the non-chinese people who visit SF. The "New Chinatown" is what we call the "Other Chinatown" or the "People's Chinatown" because the tourists don't know about it

  2. Actually, there really is no one Chinatown in SF. In addition to the shops on Clement, there are similar streets on the south side of Golden Gate Park (known as the Sunset District). Such streets include Irving Street, Noriega, and Taraval, where there are large Chinese communities. But yeah, tourists never venture there!