Monday, January 9, 2006

Moldy Coffee Pot

I forgot to empty my coffee pot before my trip in last December.

Here are some photos of different types of mold growing in the pot for three weeks.

moldy coffee pot 2281

moldy coffee pot 2280

moldy coffee pot 2278

moldy coffee pot 2276


  1. I say drink it man.

    Maybe you've invented some sort of caffeine-LSD substance. You could be the grandfather to a whole new generation of hippies!

  2. Wow, that is nasty! I work in an office with a shared boardroom. One day, I booked the boardroom, grabbed the coffee pot and inside was a little mould colony! I swear there were little eyes looking up at me! Yuck!!!

  3. This is kinda cool. Reminds me of the instructions for keeping pet bacteria in A Field Guide to Bacteria
    (yeah, I know fungi and bacteria are totally different, but this is reminiscent of the stuff in the jar in one of the book's illustrations)

  4. The eay I make coffee, nothing could ever survive in it long enough to do this.

    Too funny, man