Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Civil Rights Hero

Civil Rights Hero
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Flyers by National Vanguard have been posted around Arizona State University's main campus in Tempe, Arizona.

National Vanguard is a known white separatist organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The group denies it is a white supremacist organization, and instead claims to be white separatist. NV Spokeperson, Kevin Alfred Strom stated:

"...we are not white supremacists. Supremacists are people who want their race to rule over others in a multiracial society, like the Jews do in Palestine and Israel. We want freedom and self-determination for our people, in our own country. We don't want to rule over others. We're the opposite of supremacists."

In 2005, National Vanguard showcased the pop-music duo Prussian Blue, made up of thirteen-year-old twin sisters from Bakersfield, California, Lynx and Lamb Gaede, who the organization hoped would "be breaking new ground...creating an entire genre of pro-White music" that will cross over to mainstream audiences.


  1. "Supremacists are people who want their race to rule over others in a multiracial society..."

    Actually this is not correct. Supremacists are people who: a. believe there is such a thing as race withing the homo sapiens sapiens species and b. believe that their alleged race is superior to the other alleged races. They may want to rule others or they may be separatists.

    Since we know that there are no races within homo sapiens sapiens, the notion is absurd.

  2. I looked at the large view and read what the poster actually said. Whoever came up with that first reson about celebrating the birthday must not know his holidays. We do celebrate Lincoln and Washington's birthdays. President's Day is the dual-celebration of their birthdays because they are only about a week apart. Sorry, that was just driving me crazy. Well, that and the "Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't really a hero" thing.

  3. There are indeed races in homo sapiens. Pick up a book about forensic anthropology sometime. Forensic anthropologists can look at a skull, or a leg bone, and know instatly what particular race the person was.

    For example, the difference between a caucazoid skull and a negroid skull is that the caucazoid skull is lighter and more porous than the negroid skull. That's why there aren't a lot of black olympic swimmers.

    Another way to tell them apart is by putting a pencil up to the upper mandible (jaw) of the skull, and if the pencil touches the chin, it's a caucazoid skull, and if it goes out at an angle (which is a phenomenon called prognathism), the skull is negroid.

    The whole thing is quite interesting.