Friday, January 6, 2006

Hung Far Low

Hung Far Low 1550

The most iconic building in Portland, Oregon's old Chinatown.

Pranksters have blacked out "tail" of "cocktail", the only question left is:

"Is your cock hung far low?"

Like San Francisco, there are two Chinatowns in Portland. The old Chinatown are mostly Cantonese speakers, the streets are narrow and dirty. The new Chinatown have more Mandarin speakers, and it is more organized.

Portland's new Chinatown is located on the East Side.


  1. I moved away from Portland almost two years ago, and this photo is making me homesick.

    Old Town/China Town has quite a few interesting sights, as I'm sure you learned. I hope you had fun there!

  2. There is a Re-Erect Hung Far Low campaign at