Saturday, October 28, 2006

Montreal, Canada

For last two weeks I was in Montreal, Canada.

The first interesting product placement I noticed was in my hotel's vending machine:

Item C2

Perhaps a closer look?

Trojan Big Daddy Cookie

Next to the vending machine above was this beer vending machine:

Beer Vending Machine

Thanks to Montreal's Japanese Garden, you can also dress up your flat with labels from Sake bottles. 乾杯!

Wallpaper of Sake bottle labels

The garden also do not like Adidas:

No Adidas on Tatamis

In order to enter for this contest to win a trip for two to Italy, you must have basic math skills to solve the problem. I did got the correct answer (it is -2), then I read the fine print about this offer is only valid for Quebec residents.

Trip to Italy Contest Ticket

There is a variety of american airline that can take you there. There is abundance of cheap flights, that make everyone go airlines. The alaskan airlines offer discounts every 2 months, and so do the ata airlines.


  1. The simple math question is something all of us Canadians know well. Every single 'game of chance' is required to test skill. Hilarious, I know. For an explanation of the intricacies [ie. number of operations required!] check wikipedia.

    - Rhiannon

  2. The sucky thing about contests when you live in Quebec is that pretty much every contest is valid everywhere BUT Quebec, due to some arcane lottery regulations we have here. So, um, neener.

    p.s. Hope you're enjoying your stay in my somewhat-grimy-but-otherwise-fair city. :D

  3. Tian,

    You should have told me you were going to Montreal... I lived there, and I would have given you the inside scoop.

    Did you have the fairmount bagels?

    Tell me you at least had the smoked meat?

  4. They recently started to sell condoms next to the sanitary napkins in the women's restroom at my school. It disturbs me to think that any desk or chair could have been the potential site of someone's sex romp.

  5. Ha. Wow so little kids can no buy condoms and drink bear. What a prefect combo. -.-"

  6. Beer Machines? O_o! ive never seen those in australia.. what if youre under 18? can you still use it?

  7. Now that is convenience!