Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Aleksey Vayner's Resume

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At first, I thought this video was a parody of some sort, but it is not.

This video is part of Yale student Aleksey Vayner’s resume he sent out to potential employers. Since then, it has been circulating among firms of Wall Street financial sector as well as on various websites as a laughing stock.

The almost seven minutes long video showed Vayner weight lifting, playing tennis, ballroom dancing, and smashes several stacked bricks, while he speaks in monotone about “If you're going to work, work. If you're going to train, train. If you're going to dance, then dance, but do it with passion.”

In his 11-page long written resume, he also claimed to the CEO of his own investment firm (then why did he need employment elsewhere?), has knowledge of Chinese medicine, published a book about the Holocaust titled “Women’s Silent Tears”, one of four people qualified to handle nuclear waste in Connecticut, has been previously employed by both the CIA and mafia, and last but not the least, he gave tennis lessons to Harrison Ford.

Of course, idiots like Vayner would never expect employers to do background checks.

All his claims were false. He even plagiarized his own mission statement from another firm.



  1. "CEO and professional athlete"!! COME ON!

    That was awesome, it did entertain me during the commerials on Sopranos tonight. ;)

    I think the best thing for him in the video was that the beauty did dance with him. He didn't dance though, he has just TRYING to move gracefully.

    I would like to hire that guy to bug my competition..

  2. I really want to see this video, but it's no longer available!

  3. LOL...he got YouTube to remove the video and is sending out cease and desist orders. Anyway you should be able to find at least one current location of the video here: http://www.ivygateblog.com/blog/2006/10/calling_aleksey_vayners_bluff.html

    It's a terrible resume and completely cliched video, which probably qualifies him to be a self-help guru or something.

  4. Did anyone else notice that the bricks had been pre-broken. You can clearly see the crack line down the middle of all of them.


  5. I read every word of the IvyGate coverage and the Yale column. All I can say is "Wow."