Saturday, November 4, 2006

Tip Jar - The Book

I was delighted to receive an email yesterday from Dr. David Sutton of Southern Illinois University.

Dr. Sutton is an anthropology professor and currently working on a book being published by Berg Publishers about the anthropology of tipping. He asked me if he could use one of my photos in his book, with proper acknowledgment of course.

Tipping Isn't a City in China

I have been taking photos of tip jar signs for over a year now. There are many people post photos of tip jars in Flickr, I have started my own little group of tip jar signs, cleverly named “tip jar sign”. So far there are 13 members, including myself. I don’t particularly care about the tip jars themselves, but only the notes attached to them to draw customers’ attention.

Besides the one that will be used in Dr. Sutton’s book, two of my other favorites are

“Tip Me, I’m A Pirate” which I took on Sept. 19, 2005 – Talk Like a Pirate Day

Tip Cup with

And “God Saves a Kitten” which is a parody of the parody of “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten”.

Tip Jar Sign - God Saves a Kitten

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  1. Which of your tipjar images may
    be used for tip jar buttons?

    -- David Nicol