Thursday, February 9, 2006

Running Scared For Nothing

I personally absolutely hate websites that require registrations. When I saw on’s news about New Line Cinema requires web users to submit their drivers’ license or state identification information in order to access certain parts of their website, I was pissed.

New Line Cinema claims that parts of their site contain materials that are not suitable for underage viewers, that is why they require all web visitors to hand over their true identities.

“To ensure verification, please provide information as it is listed on your current Drivers License or State issued ID. By clicking on the "submit" button, I agree that I am at least 17 years of age, I authorize you to confirm my age by checking the accuracy of the information I have submitted against the government-issued identification, and I agree to the Terms of Use governing this website.”

And if you value your privacy, and enter phony info, here's what you'll see:

New Line Cinema - Verification

“SORRY | We are unable to process your information at this time. | Please double check to make sure your name and zip code are entered exactly as they appear on your current Driver's License or state-issued ID."

I quickly searched online newspapers for obituaries, and within seconds I got a recently deceased person’s information, including the full name, date of birth, and zip code.

I have then created this fake account to access the site:

password: word4sux

Running Scared - Login

After examining the page's source code, the "highly guarded exclusive for mature eyes only" trailer is here (no registration required):

and their X-rated promotional web game is here (no registration required):

New Line Cinema, who the f*ck do you think you are fooling with?

Ps. New Line Cinema is the same studio made “Alpha Dog”, where Justin Timberlake plays a hardcore street criminal with Chinese character tattoo that says “Ice Skating”.


  1. This makes me wonder: are they going to have this movie only in US? It seems, since I couldn't register even if I wanted to give my info. Way to go.

    Ok, it's just way to make fuzz "it's so gruesom that they have to really verify your age for the trailer".

  2. As always, Tian, you continue to rock.

  3. Yup. I registered as Rudolph Giuliani, zipcode 10010, DOB 5/28/44. It doesn't work if you change the zip or DOB, confirming that the lookup took place.

  4. I saw a footnote on that Boingboing post, which said that the site may only check the CHECKSUM value in the driver's license... That could be an easy one to fake...

  5. Nice! I had just pulled the source for the *.mov and was trying to save it (so I can put it on my iPod) when I came across your site. All it took was a right-click save.