Wednesday, February 8, 2006

MSG Idol

Notorious MSG - Kitchen

My favorite parody band, Notorious MSG, had a spoof contest similar to Fox's American Idol called MSG Idol.

"Hundreds tried out, but only one would survive.

This is the story of the seven finalists of the MSG Idol Challenge- ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. For the winner- a guest spot on the upcoming Notorious MSG album. The losers- tossed aside like yesterday's chow mein.

Witness the joy and agony as these competitors bring their skils to the plate in front of Hong Kong Fever, D-Lo, and Funky B! Only the strongest will survive!"

Episode I - Sex it up with Ripper Lam

Episode II - Peter Shen "Unplugged"

Episode III - Who will cry for Eustace Park?

Episode IV - Get your freak on with Hyung Jin Kim

Episode V - Angus Wong: Unleash the Beast

Episode VI - The World of Bobby Chong

The Final Chapter- Lil' Kim Chee

Update: Notorious MSG's interview with Shade45 on Sirius satelite radio earlier 2005.

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  1. wow, haven't seen these in a while!

    i remember these coming out in late 2003 i think... a while before their album was released.. good stuff!