Monday, February 6, 2006

Bollywood Remakes Fight Club

Bollywood Fight Club

That is correct, ladies and gentlemen, Bollywood is remaking Fight Club. Apparently the 1999 original version did not have enough muscial scenes for the Indian audiance's taste.

For your viewing pleasure (wmv format):

Trailer 1 - "Rule #1. You break it, you buy it."

Trailer 2 - "Rule #2. Thank you, come again."

Muscial scene 1 - Rain stage in a crowded club where memebers of the fight club dance around a stripper pole, what is that all about?

Muscial scene 2 - Man and woman dance (or dry humping) to the music on the beach, then camera cuts to Fight Club poster.

Musical scene 3 - Esteban clones dance behind the female lead, and she sings "you gotta go fight them".

Muscial scene 4 - With the background looks like came straight out of "The Sound of Music", a young couple shares a song on top of a mountain and log stacks?!

Related: The original Fight Club's trailer remade to look like a romantic comedy.


  1. Tian,

    Thank you.

    That just made my morning. I thought you were making it up, until I saw the trailers.


  2. I will need to get that one on DVD asap.

    I'm anxious to see them re-do Alien movies, Romero's zombie movies (oh, Michael Jackson did musical on that), Psycho and definately Die Hard 3.