Sunday, February 5, 2006

Decapitated Buddha Head

Decapitated Buddha Head
(Objects, Biltmore Fashion Park, Phoenix, Arizona)

I saw this decapitated Buddha statue head been used as a doorstop at Objects today. Objects should be thankful that Buddists are not as touchy as the Muslims, otherwise the store will be gone within hours, perhaps minutes.

I have always thought it is ironic that the most radical Islamic militant group, Hamas, would have "ham" in its name. Can't these genius have picked a better name?! Geez, how about "Al Suicide Bombers R Us" or "ASBRU". It would be pronounced as "ass-brew", which symbolizes where all their great ideas came from, brewed straight out of their asses.

If a pyramid-scheme for selling household items can't even support itself, why would these idiots believe in 72 virgin women will be promised for them in heaven?

If male suicide bombers will receive virgin women, then will the female suicide bombers receive virgin men?


  1. I've always been amazed at the sheer ignorance that must exist in an individual to believe there would be 72 virgins awaiting them in "Heaven" for murdering infidels.

    What does that say about the sexist nature of their religious culture?

    I always thought Jews were pretty naive for believing that only 144,000 of them would get into Heaven...but to believe there would be 72 virgins waiting?

  2. THM: You need to refresh your biblical knowledge. Your number of 144,000 is based on Christian theology, not Jewish.

  3. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. However, I think you have also made a mistake as it has nothing to do with Christian theology, but is instead based on something that Jehovah's Witnesses believe.

    I would also point out that the doctrine Jehova's Witnesses follow is not actually considered a "religion", but rather a cult.

  4. 144 000? Damn, my ticket says 144 002!

  5. Wikipedia defines Jehovah's witnesses as a Christian group, so it must be true...

  6. For you language lovers, though "Hamas" Arabic acronym for Islamic Resistance Movement makes some sense in Arabic (something like "zeal") it sounds rather close to the Hebrew word "destruction" (sorry don't know how to show the fonts the h sound in Arabic is a little softer than the "ch" of Loch that shows up in the Hebrew word)... in my opinion this was deliberate.
    Not willing to pick on anyone but that'd be as if you'd have AZ minutemen guarding the US border naming themselves with an Acronym close to Spanish ADIOS, (say Association of Defense-border for Integrity Order and Safety) one would guess this was not picked at random.

  7. Its a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in where offending people based on their religion or ethnicity is seen as right...

    Apparently, one of Iran's newspapers is now holding a contest (supposedly in the same spirit as the Danish newspaper originally did), only instead of pushing the limits with caricaturing Mohammed (knowing that would be an insult to Muslims), they are going to be pushing the limits with caricaturing the Holocaust (knowing this would be an insult to Jews)...

    I don't see the point to the boycotts of Danish products -- what did they have to do with the newspaper? Nothing...

    While I am not against protesting the publications -- a free speech right in itself -- its been sad to see some of them carrying signs threatening the western world, and sadder still that some have been torching embassies, etc...

    The world is going crazy -- and people are only seeing what they see as the 'other' side as the ones going crazy... Muslims are seeing the various newspapers publishing the offending cartoons and thinking the west has gone crazy... The West is seeing Muslims protesting over a 'joke' and thinking they have gone crazy...

    I just see everyone has gone crazy -- its like open season has been announced on showing how much everyone hates everyone and people are delighting in their new found freedom...

    It's a sad, sad, sad, sad world...

    (PS: For anyone wondering, yes I do find those cartoons offensive, just like I am finding the response to it to be, in almost all cases offensive... In fact the only responses I have found to be rather sane, come from the White House and the Council on American Islamic Relations...)

  8. SPH,

    I don't know if you were being sarcastic or not, but Wikipedia is not the most reliable source on the internet.

    If you look elsewhere you will find that Jehova's witnesses are labeled as a cult.

    Time to brush up on your religious studies.

  9. THM, are you sure you want to argue semantics with a pathologist? By definition, a Christian is someone who believes in the life/teachings of Jesus. Since JW's follow these beliefs they are by definition Christian. Further supporting my point of view is that the United States Supreme Court recognizes the JW's as a religious faith with rights protected by the constitution (see 1940 Minersville School District v. Gobitis overturned three years later in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette). Your thoughts that they are a cult or not true Christians is a classic, yet unsubstantiated, arguement between Christian sects. In fact, arguements like yours were a basis for the crusades.

    Does your butt hurt, because you just got reamed.



    Hindus are upset now cause a 90 year old Muslim artist drew a naked 'mother goddess'...

  11. Tian, thanks for posting that clip! I've got to watch comedy central more. :)

  12. SPH,

    What does being a Pathologist have to do with understanding the differences between a religion and a cult?

    That's like saying you're qualified to teach quantum physics because you are a Proctologist.

    I am not religious, nor do I believe in "God". Therefore, I am not arguing against your insistance to lump all walks of faith together because I have some sort of agenda to adhere to, but rather a lesson learned during a class in Philosophy.

    You may consider Jehova's Witnesses to be Christian because some of their core beliefs are derrived from loose interpretations of the Bible, but I assure you, they are not.

    "Believing" in Jesus Christ does not make one a Christian.

    Hong Xiuquan also considered himself to be "Christian", but he was not.

    Just because an organized group practicing their "relgious faith" is protected under the provisions of the Constitution does not make them a "Religion".

    The Branch Dividians were a cult and until they started breaking laws, they too were protected under the Constitution of the United States.

  13. Actually, the phrase "12 thousand from each tribe will be saved" is in the Jewish AND Christian holy works. There were twelve Jewish tribes, and thus 144,000 people would be saved if the bible were to be taken literally. I repeat, this is scripture is in ANY Christian or Jewish bible. However, the vast majority of Christians and Jews alike interpret this to mean "a whole lot", rather than exactly 144,000. As THM pointed out, Jehovah's Witnesses still interpret this passage literally.

    Much like Muslims still intrepret "Don't eat any animal of cloven hoof nor anything of the sea that swims and does not have scales" to mean "no pork or shellfish", whereas most Christians and Jews let it slide, different religions come to different rules based on the same scripture.

    And as for the post, Tian, I think you've brought up one of the best things about pacifist religions. Buddhists CAN'T kill people or break shit for insulting them. They're not even supposed to butcher animals, much less people. For just that reason, I'll always be more comfortable around Buddhists than Mulslims.

  14. THM,
    I never claimed expertiese at defining the difference between a religion and a cult. I left that up the Supreme Court of the United States. Rather I claimed that by profession I was practiced at arguing semantics. Your appropriate arguement strategy should have been to list a well respected definition of what a cult is and then argue how the JW's fit that definition. Alternatively, you could specifically state your definition of a Christian and try to argue how the JW's don't fit that paradigm. These strategies are much stronger than just "assuring me" that I am wrong. I hope this helps.