Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yellow Fever Valentine

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be nice to share something that is love and romance related. Some of you may say “hey, Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday, it is fake…”

I know that.

After all, we are living in a civilized world (or at least most of us do); we have to respect everyone’s believes and believe-nots, even when some of them don’t think Prophet Mohammad wearing a bomb turban with lit fuse is funny.

On other hand, I am sure there are many people would be offended while watching physical disabled Kung Fu masters battle to the death (one of them has nubs for arms!).

Alright, the video I am about to share with you all comes from fellow Chinkie Philip Wang from UCSD called “Yellow Fever”.

It starts with Philip feeling sexually frustrated when all the Asian sistas are being snatched up by White dudes. Personally I think it is absurd to think “me Chinese boy, you Chinese girl, you be my wife.”

The reason we are in the States are:

1. higher education,
2. sample the large variety of ladies and gentlemen,
3. steal nuclear secrets (zing! The last one was a joke, or is it?)

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  1. I saw this Yellow Fever short the other day and loved it. I remember going through highschool thinking the exact same thing. Eventually I grew out of it, but it's great to see a positive spin on something that some Asian men still see as a "problem". Women aren't responding to you because you're Asian, it's because of a lack of confidence. The moment I realized that, I found women of all races respond to you better if you carry yourself with more respect and assertiveness.