Saturday, February 25, 2006

Nutjobs are Getting Younger

Less than 24 hours after I have posted about strange comments I have received via email, I got messaged by “mimi_mew2006” this afternoon.

Mimi_mew2006”, aka. Brianna, is a 13 year old whom seeks attention online by striking up conversations with random strangers. For a second, I was concerned about her safety; I even forwarded her a link to MSNBC’s story about online predators.

Then I thought to myself, “what the f*ck do I care, it’s her parent’s problem.”

After half hour or so, I was bored of her and eventually blocked her from message me ever again. Hopefully she did not feel rejected and go slash her own wrists or do something equivalent stupid.

nutjob mini_mew2006

Although, I was happy about my line of "unfortunately I am the type of person that would drown babies in bathtubs so I can steal their candy."

Update: Nutjob "brianna" is trolling for responses. As of right now, I truly wish she did slash up her own wrist, here is a demo video (not wrist, just buttom of the foot).

nutjob mini_mew2006 2


  1. "Brianna" is probably 49-year-old police officer trolling for pedophiles. Good thing you cut it off when you did. They've likely already started a file on you.

  2. "I'm 13, but act like I am 21"
    That sounds like typical teenage girl none sense to me. What does even mean?

  3. I agree with ah clem. It's probably someone trying to dig up something nasty. The conversation seemed 'too 13' to be believable. Does that make sense?

    On the other hand, Tian, you're getting funnier over time. 'Squeeze the toothpaste'?

    Bwa ha!

  4. re: update

    Can't we get filters to remove 'lol' from all correspondance? Is she really 'Laughing Out Loud' after every sentance?

    Aren't people worried about this nutty 13-yr-old kid (or 45-year-old tech support guru who plays a female nymph in Everquest) who's forcing hysterical laughter every couple of seconds?

    ahhh, Tian, good stuff.

  5. I think it is really easy to run into this kind of situation on IRC. I remember one time some kid started talking to me, and then the conversation took a left turn. I couldn't believe that the person talking to me was really a kid, and just ignored him. Sometimes I think people are too bored so they just role-play. I mean some people do it to be a cyber-vigilante you know, trying to expose the evil evil R Kellys of the world.

  6. Hi. Does anyone want to talk to me? I'm 35, but most people tell me I act 37.

    IM me.

  7. So... she went gothic for 5 years but she's only 13?

    How many 8 year old goths do you know?