Saturday, February 25, 2006

Honorary Chinese

Staples has released another crappy commercial about their giant red “easy” button. This time they have drawn inspiration from the Chinese.

By pushing the “easy” button, the Great Wall of China was erected and protecting its citizens from invading Mongols.

Unfortunately, just like many Chinese restaurants' kitchen staff, the emperor’s foot soldier is Mexican. Not Chinese-Mexican, just pure simple Mexican.

honorary chinese

Plus, the emperor was not speaking Mandarin Chinese when the commercial showed English caption “dang”. What he said was "sei laa" (), which is "death" in Cantonese.


  1. Hah, he was speaking Cantonese, 'say lah', lit. 'death!'.

    M. Monster

  2. In Cantonese, if you say, "sei la", it could also mean "damn/darn" or whatever.. depending on context, if I'm not mistaken.

    I remember in many movies I've seen, characters would say "sei la" meaning "oh shit!" or something equivalent.

  3. Funny. Sei Laa, death...
    Sei lá (Say Lah) in portuguese means "I don't know" (Tr.: Eu não sei)
    or "I don't care" (Tr.: Não ligo/Tô nem aí), depending on context.