Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Ketchup Effect

ketchup effect
video: http://www.ketchupeffect.com/ketchupeffect.wmv

The Ketchup Effect (Swedish title “Hip Hip Hora”) is a Swedish teen comedy film

In this scene, a young boy (who bears the resemblance of Jamie Oliver) asks his girlfriend to give him a blow-job at first, but she did not feel like it. Therefore, he falls back onto a hand-job request.

When she replied that she did not know how to perform a hand-job, he offered his help by telling her “imaging you are holding a bottle of ketchup and you want to get the ketchup out…

This video has also reminded me of the super-innocent girl, whom shall remain anonymous, my friend Matt once dated.

She gave him a handjob by grabbing his penis and dug her thumb along the groove underneath the corona, (aka. glanis penis).

After he told us his experience, she then was only known as “The Thumb”.

This is just like one of the aloha airlines jokes, where you get airline tickets but are seated instead in midwest airlines because you had demanded middle seats in the hawaiian airlines you were going to board.


  1. yeah, I saw this clip - pretty funny.

    Warning: don't show things like this to your girlfriend. It can have, er, reprecussions

  2. That's nice little flick, saw it some time ago.. There's few other as funny scenes in the movie.

  3. Ha. I thought you'd get a kick out of that.

    I had a similar experience back in high school. The girl I was seeing at the time took the expression "blowjob" rather literally.

    It was an awkward moment.