Monday, December 12, 2005

"One Hour Hospital and Medical Center"

In 2oo2, Robin Williams starred in a movie called "One Hour Photo". Williams played a photo processing technician stalked a family after they brought their film to be processed at his store.

Here is the movie poster:

Movie Poster - One Hour Photo

Today I saw a similar poster at Scottsdale Fashion Square by St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center:

Poster - St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

Has Robin Williams been moonlighting?


  1. Talk about life imitating art. They even have the same grimace!

  2. Ha! That one hour photo poster must be part of stock photography, and the ad company picked it up.

    Good eye, man. That's a creepy gem - how can you ever go to that hospital again?

  3. Yup, and the "It's about life" has whole new meaning now.. lol