Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back Dorm Boys - "Irresistible Love"

The Back Dorm Boys have released a new video, which they covered the song "不得不爱" (or in English "Irresistible Love") by 潘玮柏 (or in English "Wilbur Pan").

video: http://tinyurl.com/z6kln

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  1. Great funny video! when will u post it like the others in that website revver.com? i'm from Brazil, i really like this guys!bye!

  2. You guys are way too funny! I've seen the last videos you two have made and it made me laugh so hard. Stay funny and never change :)

  3. I appreciate that your site actually gives the boys credit rather than pretending to be the boys themselves. Keep up the good work!

  4. I have a problem and I need help... Im from Israel and I tried to find this song every-where but I couldnwt find it!=/ can someone please tell me how can I find this great song? I want to find another song that named: fairytale.. but I cant find it either. can I downlod from there wed (if I can' tell me how) or not (if not' tell me where I can find it..)
    thanks!! natalieee:]

  5. thank you very much tian for helping me!:] keep on the good job! I found this song (thanks to you=])
    know I have another problem-there are some websits that written onle in chinese. I want to know how old are they, what are there names but I can't.. can you please tell me there ages and names or mabye to give me a website on them that written in English?
    its very important to me..
    thank you very much for everything!:) Natalie

  6. hi
    my friend sent the link of this music video to me
    and now it became our office's most favorite video
    so funny and so cute you both

  7. This guys are 5stars! the Tops! They remind me my cousin and my brother when they get together. So crazy!
    I just wonder why is always the guy from the left singing girl lyrics? Would be interesting seeing the right guy in a female part.
    I dont understand this music lyrics (i only know some words in mandarin) could you tell me basically what is the music story? Just basically!

    Thank you very much for exposing this lovely works on ur page.

    Best Regards and keep up.

  8. These two guys are hilarious and very talented. I hope they get some good promotions out of this and that they keep doing this sort of thing.

    Does anyone know the name of the song they do with the english phrase "black black heart" in it. It is in this video.


    I'm dying to find an mp3 of this song. Can anyone hook me up?