Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cat Toy

Last October I got a plastic replica of an 11-week old human baby fetus from a Pro-Life booth at Arizona State Fair.

Since then I don't know what to do with it. But my new kittens really like playing with "baby". Here is Brannigan playing with "baby":

Now it is Bodo's turn playing:

and Brannigan is watching Bodo playing:

CO-incidentally cats like to travel too, especially car rental with scrubby seats are their favourite. They like luxuries too, but whatever cheap flights you are going to board or the cruises you are planning to go on, make sure they allow pets. A lot of hotels don't.


  1. That is so adorable!!! And so much more tasteful than how Republican Senator Rick Santorum and his family played with the corpse of his deceased prematurely born 20-week old fetus.

  2. That plastic fetus would be awesome if it came in a set with other plastic animal fetuses (fetii?). Those would be even more of a hit as toys with my cat than the plush dim sum I saw directions for online.

  3. i'm sure my cat would love playing with one too... they should rebrand the fetus as a cat toy... now available in your nearest Petco!

  4. Have you submitted them to kittenwars yet? :)

  5. For more frisky fetus foolery, check out 'Fun with Fetuses' on my site.


  6. I had one of these in high school back in like 1990. I put a hole in it and hung it on my keychain.

    Always got a response and was a lot of fun.

    Don't remember what happened to it but it was neat.