Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dirty Lazy Neighbors

Apparently my neighbors think it is perfectly normal to leave trash outside of their apartments' front doors and brewing in the 100+ degrees of Arizona heat.

I mean if they have already went through the trouble of bagging the trash, why not walk extra 30 feet and put them into the dumpster?

If anyone has any suggestions about how to deal with these pesty residents, please feel free to comment. Trust me, if Raid made a spray that is to kill human pests, I would have already bought it.

Update: No More Trash

When I came home this afternoon at 6:30pm, the management company has posted a letter on the resident's door and fining her # amount of dollars, but the trash bags remained outside by the door. Eventually everything was cleared out by next morning.


  1. Try putting a dead rodent near the bags. The smell will make them change their mind.

  2. Godoy,

    That is a great idea, but rodent is much cleaner than these people. They probably pick it up and turn it into supper or something.

  3. Add an extra bag or two of garbage to the pile each day. Leaky bags of rotten milk and chicken bones. They must like garbage, so anonymously share your extra filth with them.

  4. Dude, I hear ya! When I was staying in Tempe in an apartment complex, I had neighbors who would leave pizza boxes and bags of trash outside their doors, and that was the sight that greeted me every morning. I always thought it would be rude to tell them off, but by jove, I hated seeing that trash every day! As you said, if you can bag it, you might as well walk a few feet and put them in the dumpster! Insensitve clods!

  5. Try ORTHO Neighbor-B-Gone
    Available at your local home center


  6. im having a huge problem with the exact same thing. I live in Las Vegas where the heat is just as bad. Yhe trash under my stairs from my downstairs neighbors has been there approaching 3 weeks. I called the association since I won my condo & they have done absolutely nothing. I called the health department nearly 3 times. There are flys and maggots under my stairs today . I went down and knocked on the door and asked when they planned on taking the trash out & she said " when i feel like it" then I said "actually the trash needs to please go out today." she got in my face n said "what are you gonna do about it." I dont want to be arrested for domestic dispute (not to mention shes about twice my size) Im at a loss , im scared my home that I own will become infested. Does any have any suggestions????
    Oh, and I called non emergency # for metro police & they cant do anything either.
    help please!

  7. I'm having a similar problem with my neighbors, so today I started taking pictures and hanging their trash bags on their doorknob when I go to work, so I'm sure they'll get the message. If not I'll just do it every morning in hopes it ripens and explodes in their foyer in a few days...