Saturday, June 18, 2005

Anti-Japanese Drawings by Korean Children

A skinny Korean version (notice the slanted eyes) of Phillsbury doughboy stomping on the island of Japan.

A roll of Japanese flag toilet paper is set to aflame.

A bunny taking a shit on Japan or Japan is the bunny's turd?

More photos at Gord's World Tour


  1.'s because of the human trafficing of Korean girls and women to be used by sex slaves by the Yakuza in Japan. That and the fact that young girls were used during WWII as playthings for Japanese soldiers. The rape of a nation leaves a lot of resentment. The victims have never recieved a formal apology.

  2. How about the current anti-Korean sentiment there? Anything bad is called "Korean" or "Ethnic Korean". In Japan, nothing can be lower or scummier than anything Korean.