Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FarmVille Crop Net Profit per Hour Chart

Let's say you are playing FarmVille and you can't decide which crop to plant for the next harvest, or whether the crop you are about to plant is worthy the investment?

Worry no more, I have a chart for you.

This chart breaks down all crops available up to level 30 in terms of net profit per hour for each plot.

For example, you need a crop that harvests in one day, but you have got the following to choose:

Poinsettia (seasonal)
Red Tulips

If you hate Soybeans because they remind you of yuppie vegetarians nagging you about carbon footprint, forget that then. Poinsettia is only seasonal, plus their pay out is only 126 coins per plot but you have to buy them at 45, that is not very good return on your money. Red Tulips and Peppers only have 8 coins per plot difference in return between the two. This is not a co-op, you will need money to make money. So, your best bet would be either Sunflowers or Grapes. Although Sunflowers may look to be a better choice because you will get 315 coins per plot, but you will have to invest 135 coin to start, the net profit after plow fee, you are only netting 165 per plot.

Grapes, 85 coins to invest, 270 coins in return, net profit 170 per plot, and that gives you a 7.4 coins per hour per plot return. (*one day in FarmVille is only 23 hours, not 24)

Here are the best crops in each harvesting time period:

4 hrs = Blackberries
6 hrs = Ghost Chili
8 hrs = Tomato
10 hrs = Green Tea
12 hrs = Carrots
16 hrs = Coffee
1 day = Grapes
2 days = Cabbage
3 days = Red Wheat
4 days = Watermelon

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