Sunday, May 10, 2009

As Advertised at Target

Target / As Advertised / IAMS Cat Food

New and exciting savings at Target for this week only!

Save $0.09 on IAMS adult cat food, regular priced at $14.09!

Come on, Target!

We would expect this kind of shit from Wal-Mart. $0.09 off from $14.09 is not even 1% saving. Why do you even bother to waste money by price out ads and shelf labels?


  1. I've seen worse. Just last week I was at Kroger and saw a food product (can't remember what exactly) had a "SALE" label that was only $0.01 cheaper than the original price. I wonder how many people just see "SALE" and grab without looking at the original price. (I assume many, given our capitalistic society.)

  2. Sorry, I meant *Consumeristic (Not Capitalistic, that would be places like WalMart)