Friday, April 13, 2007

Price Waterhouse Coopers' Dancing Auditors

Who says bean-counters don’t know how to have fun? If you have seen Stranger than Fiction, then you would know what I am talking about. Or the music video of Ethan Chandler doing a cover of U2’s One at the merger announcement between Bank of America and MBNA .

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Perhaps they were inspired by Chandler, but a group of auditors from Price Waterhouse Coopers' Beijing branch decided to show off their own talent during one of their company gatherings.

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I am interested to see if David Cross would make a cover video of these dancing auditors as he did with Chandler’s performance.

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  1. Oh man, did you notice that on E.C.'s site he says that the BofA song was a parody. Oh please, that guy couldn't be more earnest. It's rather painful to watch, actually.
    I do like the PWC dancers, though, at least they seem to be having fun and who doesn't love Tobias, er, David Cross?

  2. PWC rocks my socks off. Now take those shirts off and wave 'em around a bit!