Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"I've Got Vibrating Balls"

Several weeks ago, I was having dinner with a group of friends. During dinner conversation, one of them, Mike, mentioned that he recently went to see his doctor about an interesting problem he is having.

According to him, when he touches an object that is vibrating at a specific frequency, his testicles would swell up. This happens especially when he is using a belt sander. However, the vibration from his motorcycle has no effect on him. His doctor could not come up with a treatment or suggestion.

We all accused him of lying then laughed at him and gave him the nicknames of "Mike Big Balls" and "Mike Tender Nuts".

video & mirror

I did not think much about Mike's problem until last week when I watched some deleted scenes from the movie Trust the Man, where the main character Tom (David Duchovny) had similar problem!

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