Monday, August 28, 2006

Jiffy Lube Scam

Los Angeles based news station KNBC did several hidden camera investigations about automotive maintenance chain, Jiffy Lube, and found several of its shops would take customers’ money without perform the services that were paid for.


According to the report, Jiffy Lube has been busted in 2003 for fraud, yet the same problem still continues.

Jiffy Lube did react to KNBC’s report with an email stating it is “taking aggressive steps to stop the fraud” and hoping customers would give Jiffy Lube “one more chance”.

I love how Jiffy Lube sends out a “fluffgram” to show their sincerity as if consumers are idiots.

I doubt I have ever been scammed by Jiffy Lube, but after watching this report, I would never take my car to get serviced there.

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