Thursday, August 24, 2006

Adventurous Diner


It seems many Chinese restaurants I have visited in America, most of them would have two sets of menus or two sections. One section has dishes only for the Chinese native, and the other is for everyone else.

It is common knowledge among the Chinese that most non-Chinese would not enjoy traditional Chinese dishes. To be honest, I have never heard nor tasted “Lemon Chicken”, or “Sweet and Sour Pork” until I came to the States.

The gang at Australian comedy show, Chaser’s War on Everything, has done a fantastic job of pointing this fact out with a neat little clip called “Adventurous Diner”.


  1. As a white girl who has lived in China and now is constantly trying to get real Chinese food in the states, those "I want this" "no you don't want that" "yes I do" "really, people... uh, like you... don't like it..." "I lived there, I will like it" get to be really really annoying. If the waiter speaker Mandarin I can by-pass it but often they only speak cantonese and I have to go through it in English.

    So yeah, funny video, but seriously an annoying problem for those of us still make to feel like dumb waiguoren everytime we enter a Chinese resturant.

  2. I think part of the problem is that the waiters have already been burned by the silly gwai-lo who order something "exotic" and then freak when it's too weird for them to eat. Seriously, white people have some of the WORST manners in Chinese restaurants. I know, I am one.
    Luckily I have a Chinese fiance and, over the years, have earned the respect of the staff at our favorite restuarants : ) They love it when I try to speak Cantonese, apparently it's adoreable.

  3. Yeah, I eat that soup every afternoon. (I live in China).

    Notice how the eyeballs... they're blue eyes?

    I guess you can draw the correct conclusion from that one without any further hints from me.

  4. great editing on that video!

    'go for the mongolian lamb!'

  5. LOL@ the 海龙王大集会, that thing should be on fear factor.

  6. 海龙王大集会 - er, "sea serpent mix"?
    What are some of the main ingredients?