Saturday, May 6, 2006

Apple, It's Pretty Awesome When It Works

For years, people loved to watch Bill Gates making a fool out of himself when products made by his company fail to respond during presentations.

Apple recently has launched a new ad campaign pitting Mac against PC. Adrants had this to say:

“This time, it does it with human characters who take on the mythical qualities of the PC versus Mac argument - PCs always crash, macs never do. PCs freeze all the time. PCs get viruses, Macs don't. PCs have terrible software, Macs don't. Macs are all about plug and play, PCs aren't. It's a nice campaign but if you've used both a PC and a Mac, you know full well, this is all bullshit. Each platform has its benefits and its downfalls. The campaign, though, does continue Apple's brand goal of positioning itself as the hipper alternative to the PC's staid, mass image. Apple will always be the cooler choice. It just might not always be the more popular one.”


Finally there is a blooper video of Apple’s chairman Steve Jobs shoving foot in his mouth, can’t get Mac to connect to a camera, and using the following quotes during keynote demonstrations:

“Trust me, it works.”
“Alrighty, yep, I’ve got a little bug here.”
“That should give me it, oh, no, Eddie? Just refresh?”
“That is why we have backup systems here.”
“Alright, there we go. No? Golly golly golly…”
“It’s pretty awesome when it works.”

Unlike Steve Jobs and Apple computer company, when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi could not fire a machine gun properly, it was because the machine gun was not made by al-Qaida!

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  1. tian, great link... it's heartening to see the Apple users suffer from the same problems...