Sunday, May 7, 2006

Adidas Superstar by NEIGHBORHOOD

If you are paying $1,000 for a pair of Adidas Superstar, would you be interested in what are written on your sneakers?

is Japanese kanji meaning “one”, commonly it is written as . means “style, system, formula, rule”.

In Japanese, (or ) means “a complete set”.

Granted, there are only 300 pairs of these Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Consortium edition available world wide, and this line of these sneakers was designed by Japanese street fashion house “Neighborhood” (although, I personally have never heard of them), $1,000 is still a large sum of money. Last time I checked, Nike’s Lebron James "self suspicion" line was only $320.

It must be nice to know Adidas is pricing these sneakers in pairs rather than individual pieces.

On a related note, about two months ago, Adidas was planning to release a line of sneakers called the “Yellow Series” priced at $250 per pair. Eventually the plan was scrapped when the caricature Adidas used on its sneakers was regard as racist.

Update: Amy Ruth was selling them at 90,300 Yen (or $800) per pair and they are sold out. $1US = 112.575 Yen


  1. that's retarded...

    it reminds me of this book, Jennifer Government...

    in the book, Nike makes only 200 pairs of 'Mercuries' which are $2000... then one day, they sell thousands of them in a 'sale' for $1200.

    Nike makes a lot of cash, but the shoes are devalued..

  2. This reminds me... I went shopping the other day and found the most adorable sandals. I flipped them over to check the price, winced at the cost, flipped them back... and then almost lost it. The bottoms of the shoes, where you place your feett, has a print of a classic painting of Krishna and Radha, very revered Hindu deities. These sandals are now in the store window display and my Krishna and his beloved peer from the bottom of a shoe. It's disgraceful and insulting. I will be making some phone calls. I am not a practicing Hindu but have been raised with the religion and its icons, and carry in my heart love and respect for what they represent.

    Boycott Diego di Lucca shoes!!