Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kung Fu on Crack

In the city of Hangzhou, China, taxi drivers are being taught with a “specialized” self defense course.

In this “promotional” video, the founder/instructor of the school demonstrates several ways to handle hostile situations by pretending to be a wild chimp with rabies and high on crack.


  1. Your screaming like a madman style is good but it is no match for my fetal postion crying like a bitch style.

  2. hahahahahhahaha!! one of the funniest comments i've ever read! *clap clap*

  3. Alright, I'm Chinese and this video is just...sigh...why does it have to be so incredibly funny? The top comment is actually pretty witty.

  4. Damn; the video's no longer available.

    What's perhaps more worrying, though, is the fact I just caught myself typing "monkey crack" into Google on an office workstation...