Thursday, March 24, 2005

I Survived the Great Wall in Arizona

There is an American quote: "Why buy the cow, when you could get milk for free?"

That indeed is a great question.

Why would you go to China and climb the Great Wall, when you could just get a t-shirt at an Urban Outfitters store in middle of Arizona?!

It is nice to know that the t-shirts are made in U.S.A. Fighting American jobs from oversea outsourcing one t-shirt at a time!

= China

= I; me; myself
= rise, mount, board, climb
= top; superior, highest; go up, send up
= the Great Wall


  1. But is this really odd? I know it's insane, but this seems to be the culture. I see it all the time in any large clothing store.


  2. perhaps i'm abusing a sub-culture but it's what i like to call "hipster".

  3. It's fanti? Does anyone have any of the genuine shirts? I'll check next time I'm at a Freindship Store, but I think they're all in simplified characters, now. Or am I wrong?

  4. The majority of mainland China is using the jianti, or simplified version of Chinese. The traditional version, fanti, is still been used around the world.

    Personally I prefer fanti, the classic stuff.

  5. This is great! I can't wait to get my "I BROUGHT DOWN THE WALL" shirt without going to Germany, or my "I SURFED THE GREAT BARRIER REEF" without going to Australia.

    I can be a world traveller after one short visit to the mall.. a real urban jungle...

    I'd be happy with this tee:

  6. my gf bought one from a vendor who harassed us relentlessly for hours when we climbed the great wall at 司马台. the only main difference between her shirt and the urban outfitters shirt is that the shirt bought in china has no english! and fyi, it was also written in traditional chinese