Sunday, June 14, 2009

HOWTO: Optimize The Daily Show Embedded Videos

One thing I am annoyed about The Daily Show embedded video option is its restriction on video's size.

For example, Boing Boing recently posted about Jason Jones visiting the New York Times on their site using the default HTML code supplied by The Daily Show/Comedy Central.

The width of Boing Boing's main column is set to 500 pixels, however the video does not fully utilize this space, rather it leaves a rectangular void.

The problem is caused by the video's default width & height setting within its HTML code, which is set at 360x301 pixels.

Also, most of the HTML code supplied is irrelevant and has nothing do to with video's function.

To optimize this, only HTML code needed is within the embed tags.

By changing the values in width & height fields, video is able to fulfill maximum column width.

In this case, the video's size increased to 400x335 pixels from its original 360x301 pixels:

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