Friday, April 10, 2009

LG W1952TQ Monitor Drivers

I recently purchased a LG W1952TQ monitor to replace my aging 17" ViewSonic. This monitor was on sale at Fry's Electronics for $149.99, while was selling it for $189.89 and $159.99 at

Although the monitor did come with a CD, I was surprised to find the actual driver files themselves are not available for download from LG's website. Unless the user would also install LG's forteManager 3.xx, which is just another bloatware.

In the linked zip file above, it contains three essential driver files for W1952TQ:


Remember kids, a bloatware-free PC is a happy PC.


  1. Thank you! I've just bought the same monitor, and was surprised it did not come with the drivers. Thanks again.
    Andy / Brazil

  2. Thanks Tian...
    How can LG not include drivers?!?!
    How dumb are they! Annoying! >:(
    Great monitor, though... :)