Sunday, May 11, 2008

Suburban Exploration: Foreclosed House in Chandler, Arizona

We all know there is a housing crisis in U.S., but how exactly is a typical foreclosed house look like?

Today I visited a foreclosed property priced by the bank for US$136,000 near Jupiter & Rush in Chandler, Arizona.

Closet door took a heavy beating.

Bedrooms are covered with trash and there are smell of feces & urine.

More trash.

and more...

It is sad to say this bathroom door with only one fist hole is the least damaged of all doors.

ID tag of what I assume is the former owner.

Backyard with trash.

Busted window.


  1. There are places in the greater L.A. area going for over $300,000 that look like this. I looked at one where someone had kindly spray painted graffiti on the living room walls.

  2. that is disgusting!!! That was a house!?!?!?!