Saturday, March 8, 2008

HOWTO: Samsung Gleam (SCH-u700) Ringtone Unlock

Since the current version of BitPim (1.0.5) does not yet support Samsung Gleam SCH-u700, the easiest way of uploading ringtones is via QPST version 2.7 build 215, an USB cable & corresponding software driver.

After USB driver has been successfully installed, the PC's Device Manager will display Samsung related additions under Modems, Ports, & Universal Bus Controllers.

In this case, COM4 is used for connecting SCH-u700 with PC.

First step is to open QPST's Configuration:

Under Ports tab, use Add New Port button to select the communication port assigned to the mobile phone. Otherwise, it should automatically show the port enabled & associated with phone (SURF6550-ZRF6500 NAND16) via USB.

Under Active Phones tab, it will also display similar information as in Ports tab. However, the Phone Number displayed here is not the mobile's number to receive phone calls (aka. Mobile Device Number), rather its Mobile Identification Number. ESN is the phone's Electronic Serial Number, similar to the Media Access Control address (aka. MAC) of a PC's Network Interface Card.

After selecting EFS Explorer, which is QPST's Graphic User Interface (GUI) used to transfer files between PC & mobile phone,

it will once again confirm Phone Selection:

To add ringtones to Samsung Gleam SCH-u700, simply drag & drop the desired audio files into


In this case, theme songs from Stargate SG1 (SG1.mp3) & Atlantis (SGA.mp3) were used.

Restart the phone when prompted.



  2. Well done! You are the only source on the net that I could find this technique; my search was quite extensive.

    For those wondering, you can do this using bluetooth rather than the USB cable, if you so wish and have bluetooth built into your computer of a bluetooth dongle to plug in.

  3. What a resourceful person you are! Way to beat the system.

  4. Awesome! The one thing holding me back from this phone was ringtones, I could make my own on the chocolate and I refused to go back to $2-3 per tone! Thanks!

  5. Great Job with explanation!!!
    You are THE ONLY ONE thru net.
    Anyway, does anyone know how to upload/download address book?
    I see there is address book in the phone thru QPST but can't properly read it.
    Hope, BitPim releases updated version soon.

  6. Thank you! Worked flawlessly! Can I use other common audio formats? Specifically, I would like to use a WAV in addition to all the MP3 ringtones I created. Again, thank you...AND THE MAN TAKES ANOTHER HIT!

  7. Just tried and worked perfect.Simple directions to follow.Just wanted to say thank you very much.

  8. I couldn't find this anywhere else.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  9. This works great and the steps are well illustrated. Thanks.

  10. You kick ass. I'm loving the fact that I can get one over on the big V.

    New Ringtone: The Magnificent Seven by the Clash.

    - Joe

  11. This is great. Rube Goldberg and I had worked out a different scenario. 1. Remove battery and put memory card in phone. 2. Format card in phone. 3. Remove battery and remove card. 4. Convert an mp3 to a qcp. 5. Put card into card reader. 6. Copy qcp file(s) into My_sounds directoy on chip. 7. Remove battery and put chip back into phone. 8. Message sounds to myself. 9. Save sounds in message as ringtone. Repeat steps 3 - 9 whenever new ringtone is desired. I will take your strait forward approach.

  12. OMG your so awsome, I searched for hours in a few days and found nothing!! But then i found this webpage and it works PERFECTLY!!! THANKS!!!

  13. Thank you so much! My wife loves you now! :)

  14. Amazing work :) Thanks so much!! Found your site first believe it or not so I definitely lucked out!

  15. Just tried the same trick through a bluetooth connection and it's working great! Uploading my ringtones to my Gleam right now. Thanks!

    - Set phone to BT discovery mode
    - Locate phone on computer and setup partnership
    - Decline to look for driver when prompted
    - 2 Com ports will be assigned to you, use the first com port (outgoing) for QPST
    - Enjoy!

  16. Thanks. That was a little nerve-wracking (I read that I could destroy my phone if I used that program wrong) - but all worked great. And Samsung wanted me to buy their cable instead of the cheap one I got!

  17. Nice, also ******** I noticed you can also grab any photos out of the brew/mod/messaging/msging/att subfolders, (any photos/videos from messages) although it won't copy any from the real mms pic folder. just make an MMS pic/vid message, insert photo, save to drafts, then go find it in QPST in said folder.