Sunday, May 6, 2007

"Bus Four Eyes" Bullies 82-yr-old Man in Hong Kong

My friend Randall has posted about a bully refuses to let an 82-yr-old man to sit in an empty seat on a Hong Kong bus, because he wanted his shopping bags to have a comfortable ride.

YouTube or busfoureyes.wmv (12.3 MB)

The six and half minutes long video titled "巴士四眼仔欺負82歲老翁", or in English "Bus Four Eyes Bullies 82-yr-old Man", has been viewed over 288,000 times in YouTube.

It starts with a passenger asking the old man what is going on, and he explains he would like to sit in the empty seat, however the young man refuses to let him do so, because his shopping bags are there. Eventually as everyone cheers, the bus' driver asks the young man to leave the bus, where he is met by Hong Kong Police officers and cited for uncivil behavior.

After viewing video, I do agree the young man is a prick. On the other hand, like Randall commented, "the true problem is the selfishness of everyone else on the bus. Had someone simply stood up and offered the old man a seat, this incident never would have happened."


  1. I disagree with Randall. I can concede that it IS a problem that not enough people give up their seats for the eldery and infirm. However, this guy was a FAR bigger douch-bag. His precious grocery bags do not take precedent over another actual human being. He should have had to move those before anyone had to go seatless themselves.

    He had better hope his mother never sees that video. When it comes to being that inconsiderate, he's not to old to get his ass beat ; )

  2. At one point in the video near the end, you can see an empty handicap-style seat. Now whether someone gave it up shortly after the altercation started or they did it later on or whether the old man just didn't want to sit there or something else is hard to determine.

    I'm obviously missing part of the incident as I don't know any Cantonese- apparently the younger guy was the one to call the police?

  3. I agree with that in principle, HYC, but despite that everyone knew what was going on, no one did a thing to stop it.

    1. No one really tried to help by explaining to the douche-bag that he had no right to refuse the seat. Anyone could have easily brought the situation the bus driver's attention.

    No one did, and that's apapthy.

    2. If everyone thought the douche-bag wouldn't move for anyone else either, someone could still have given up their seat. But no one did, because they all wanted to stay where they were.

    That's selfishness, which in this scenario is worse.

    Hell, had I been there, I'd have offered my seat and then forced the douche-bag to let me sit: but then I'm 6'2" and 225 pounds. And if the douche-bag wouldn't let me sit, I'd step over him and sit on his bags.

    Either way, the incident would have been resolved faster than wating for the cops to show up and pull over the bus. By the way, did you read that the douche-bag was the one who called the cops?

    Not only did he cause the old guy trouble, he delayed everyone's trip home.

    He should have been hauled off the bus and beaten, but that's just my opinion.

  4. bwg,

    I can see what you're saying. And you're right, someone younger and more physically intimidating should have told the little prick to pick up his groceries and move over.

    Apathy is as bad as douche baggery. I'm just sort of stuck on the whole idea of friggin' groceries taking seats away from little old men.

  5. HYC -- exactly.

    But in the end, the douche-bag got his face splashed all over the web, so now he's going to have trouble on that bus route in the future if he doesn't behave.

  6. hi, tian. This 82-yr-old looks like 28-yr-old! What's going on in mainland China!? :D