Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Urban Sprinting

video: windows media

In this undated episode of Balls of Steel, Neg has created a new form of sport called "Urban Sprinting".

The rules are simple:

1. Find a shop with a security guard (or rent-a-cop)
2. Set off the shop's alarm with only with the anti-theft tag, not the actual merchandise (that would be shoplifting)
3. Run towards the nearest burger bar and see how long the security guard will chase you
4. Celebrate the victory with some "...fucking chicken nuggets"

In 2005, Tom Cruise was promoting his film War of Worlds in London, Balls of Steel's lead man squirted him with a water pistol, which Cruise was not happy about. The incident gave the show an enormous publicity boost.


  1. tian, loved the urban sprinting bit... only the english could make that so ridiculously funny...

  2. they could get you for shoplifting the tag ;)

  3. Very, very amusing. Out of curiosity, why did you start hosting your videos via putfile instead of youtube?

  4. YouTube uses FLV format which is very cumbersome for others to download. Putfile uses standard video formats like WMV, Quicktime, and AVI.