Friday, September 8, 2006

New Al Qaeda Recruitment Method


What would happen if the Islamic terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, would recruit for its new members in the same fashion as the Mormons?


  1. The chaser's war on weverything strikes again :)

    I dunno how they get away with some of the stuff they do. Although I can in a way because Australia well - to state the obvious - isn't America, however this show still has many Aussies dumbstruck, gawping and saying "they can't get away with that".

  2. John Safran, another well known Aussie shit stirrer first did this for his (fantastic) TV show called "John Safran vs God".

    In it, he donned a Mormon outfit and put on his badge:

    John Safran

    With Darwin's "Origin of Species" in hand, Safran accosted the American bible belt and tried to preach evolution door-to-door style.

    The Chaser was probably inspired by his performance.