Friday, August 18, 2006

Rick Mercer Tricked Michael Crow

I was watching several Rick Mercer’s video clips earlier linked via, and whom did I spot?

Arizona State University’s current president Michael Crow.

The video clips were from Rick Mercer’s news parody show, Rick Mercer Report, in 2001. At the time, Michael Crow was an executive vice-provost at Columbia University. He then became ASU’s president in 2002.


In this video, Mercer tricked Crow to sign a petition to “demand the government of Canada to discourage the Canadians’ tradition of placing senior citizens on northern ice-floes and leave them to perish.”

After Michael Crow signed the petition, Rick Mercer asked him about his affliction with Columbia University, where Crow replied he is professor there for nine years.


  1. that's the 'Talking to Americans' special... it's famous in Canada...!

  2. It's ice "floes", by the way.

    Oh, and "tete de merde" is, well, shit head. As if you didn't know that.