Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Randy Jackson Pimping Oreo Cookies

I am amazed at the marketing geniuses (or should that be “genii”) came up with the latest Oreo cookies commercial. Of all people, they have picked Randy Jackson to be the face associated with Oreo cookies. I may have read too much into the commercial than its 30 seconds worth, but associating Oreo cookie with a Black person may not be the best idea.

With the millions of dollars wasted by market researchers, they could have easily done a search in Urban Dictionary or Wikipedia to see the taboo associated with Oreo cookies and Blacks.

In American slang, “Oreo” is a pejorative term used to describe a black person tries to be accepted as White majority by neglecting his roots. It is often used by lower-class blacks against professional and educated blacks, often those who work for whites or who work in industries that they feel exploit African-Americans.

I can’t wait for the day when Lisa Ling starts to sell bananas.


  1. The radio ad for this is pretty hilarious, too. I heard it in a waiting room and promptly dissolved into laughter, but luckily it was the kind of place where no one looks at you funny for doing that.

  2. ha! I love it!

    shit, I wish I could have my face on an Oreo ice-cream sandwich...

  3. Well, this wasn't the only bad decision Mr. Jackson put his name and face behind. He also
    had collaborated with the... talented? Lindsay Lohan
    in producing and songwriting on her hip-hop/rock album, "Speak". After listening to samples of it, it was neither of the two, and sounded more like something you could listen to better with some Oreos... the cookies of course!