Sunday, July 23, 2006

CamelBak's Broken Zipper

About four years ago, I bought a CamelBak Blowfish hydration pack from REI. Recently the zipper teeth on the outer pocket have worn out so that it would not close completely. I have read the warranty information posted CamelBak’s website, the reservoir itself has lifetime warranty, and the pack only has two years.

Since there is nothing else wrong with the pack, except the zipper, I called CamelBak (800-767-8725) and left a message stating that I understand my pack has expired from it’s warranty, but I would like to know if they could refer me to somewhere to get the zipper repaired.

A week went by; I did not get any response from CamelBak.

Last Thursday, I brought the pack to REI and hoping they would know somewhere I can get it repaired. Rebecca, the cashier at the counter, gave me phone numbers to CamelBak and a place in Seattle specializes in outdoor equipment repairs.

I thanked her and walked to the merchandise section to call CamelBak and the place in Seattle. While I was on my mobile phone, Jeff (the store manager) walked by and asking if I needed some help. I once again explained to him about my CamelBak’s zipper.

This is the part that I was very impressed with Jeff and REI:
Without any hesitation, he grabbed a new CamelBak Blowfish from the display rack, told me that he would credit me the pack’s original price of $59.99 and all I need to do is pay the $10 price difference for the newer model.

A brand new CamelBak Blowfish for only $10?! I could not believe it! For only $10, he has saved me the hassle of either dealing with CamelBak or having to wait between 4 to 6 weeks for my repair.

After my recent dealing with Creative Labs, I feel REI indeed deserved an honorable mention here for their superb customer service, and I am very glad I have purchased my product from them.


  1. REI - Returns, Exchanges Incorporated.

  2. Glad to hear another great REI story. I've been a member for years and gotten great service every time I've needed it.

    If I were in your geographic area, I would have volunteered my sewing skills -- I keep a stock of anorak zippers, seam sealer, etc. for repairing my own gear and it beats the heck out of sending things out for repair.

  3. Hi,

    Just browsing links from my fellow blogger, Dobermann's blog.

    I love REI's easy exchanges. They've never given me any hassles when I brought in things for exchanges, even if I've had it for years.

    Your new CamelBak looks awesome. :-) I'll have to act on that resevoir policy soon. The one I have for my waistpack has really been leaking big time.

    Happy hydrating!


    BTW...word verifications is: funks!!! LOL!!