Thursday, June 15, 2006

Keyless Entry

Car doors with vertical locking knobs can be easily defeated with a plastic card, straw and dental floss.

1. Insert the plastic card underneath the rubber weather stripping and the car’s frame to provide a small gap.

2. Flatten the straw and loop dental floss through the inside of it.

3. Insert flattened straw along with the dental floss loop through the gap.

4. Loop over the locking knob; pull on the ends dental floss to tighten the loop.

5. Pull up and unlocks the door.


  1. My truck has smooth verticle latch lock things. I have trouble lifting it with my fingers, so no breaking in on me. Unless of course you notice the back sliding windows latch broke off and you can open it by wedging just about anything in the gap. Hell even when there was a latch you could just pop it open with a credit card.
    It's a 1990 Ford Ranger if you see one and wanna give that a try. If you can't open the passenger side door from the inside you just broke into my truck and I would like it if you didn't steal my sweater. Its a fleece and I would be screwed if it got cold suddenly.

  2. love this little trick... the floss through the straw? Brilliant!

  3. I leave my keys in the car all the damn time, I do not know why I never thought of using dental floss and straw it is so simple. Thanks Tian you’re a lifesaver, on a side note, I can now get that new stereo I always wanted, I wanted one ever since my neighbor got his.

    Just Kidding