Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Intel Song

From the industry grapevine (thanks Stefan), I was forwarded with this song titled “Intel Care”.

"Intel Care" 1.10 MB mp3, mirror

Apparently this song is used in Intel’s internal training in China, as well as to boost employees’ morale during daily morning exercises.

Our operation is satisfaction,
We are sure perfection,
Quality we fair achievement we share,
For the staff Intel cares…

Intel, Intel,
The leading company,
Intel, Intel,
We work in harmony…

We are proud to say we lead all the way,
Technology today…
With a better show to the front we go,
Just watch us as we grow.

Intel, Intel,
The place for you to be,
Intel, Intel,
The happy family…

For some unknown reason, I was visualizing Barney singing this while strapped with an AK47, and at the end of the song, he lets out a loud .

* The illustration shown above is an old Chinese propaganda poster. I added the blue Intel logo as satire.

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  1. I'm an intel employee. I didn't even know we had an factory there.

  2. They should've made up some captions for the poster, maybe something like this. ^__^


  3. wow an Intel employee that didn't know they built a factory in Northern China TWO years ago and some one who thinks 5,000 Intel employees is large - check out Foxconn in Shenzhen China - One compound with 250,000 employees, MANY companies in China have exercise yard workouts with corporate songs, it's there way.